Contemporary dance is an expressive form of dance originally informed by borrowing from classical, modern, and jazz styles, it has come to incorporate elements from many styles of dance.

Laura, who teaches the style specialises in contemporary dance and has trained for many years gaining a university degree. Our dancers have competed and won many competitions.

Our beginners are dancers that are new to the style or have done little of the style. This class is also for dancers who love the style and enjoy dancing but do not have any ambition to compete.

Dancers can be chosen from this class to be part of a competition team.

Our intermediate/advance are dancers who are familiar with the style, who train to a high standard and wish to compete.


Location: Balshaws High School
This class is located at Balshaws High School, Church Rd, Leyland PR25 3AH





  • Contemporary Dance


    Minis (from age 4) & Juniors

    Location: Balshaws High School, Church Rd, Leyland PR25 3AH

  • Contemporary Dance


    Intermediate / Advance

    Location: Balshaws High School, Church Rd, Leyland PR25 3AH






Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Do you offer taster sessions?
Yes, we allow gymnasts and dancers to pay weekly for the first few weeks to give them opportunity to try out the sessions before they decide to join.

If they would like to become a member then payments change to monthly.

Do I need to book? Is there a waiting list?
Yes you will need to book before attending a class.

Waiting lists will depend on the class, some classes do but some don’t, so feel free to ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you take beginners? What age do you take from?
Of course, we have a few beginner’s classes. If you let us know you child’s age we will let you know which class we feel would suit them best. We take gymnasts from age 4.

What should I wear?
Leotard. New starters can wear shorts and t-shirts whilst they are in their trial period.

What is the cost?

Trial period

We offer a 4 week trial period for all our new dancers, giving them the opportunity to try out classes before they decide to join.

Trial members need to decide which classes they would like to attend and pay up front at the start of each week.

The cost for a trial period is the total hours you plan to attend @ £4.50 per hour.

Full member

When you are ready to become a full member you pay for classes monthly.

It is £17 a month for our beginner/ junior classes (1 hour) and £25.50 a month for our inter/senior classes (1 hour and ½).

How our monthly fees work: You will only pay for 45 weeks of the year, this is split over 12 months so your payment is the same every month. This must come out on the 1st of each month.

We knock 7 weeks holiday off per year:

3 weeks for when we close over Christmas,

2 weeks for when we close in the summer,

1 week for when we close at Easter,

1 week as a spare if a coach needs to cancel for any other reason ie an emergency.

There is no contract for our members, but you will have to give 1 months’ notice if you decide to leave. All these details are also available for you on our rules and regulations form, this will be emailed to you before your first class. You can also find it on our website.

Can I bring someone to watch?
Unfortunately, we do not allow parents to watch, this is mainly due to space (and current covid restrictions). We do post videos and photos on our Facebook page as much as we can so you can see what they have been up to.

We do also take part in carnivals and shows where parents and family can watch!

Do you have parking?
Yes parking is available at all our venues, St James has limited parking but you can park on the road outside the venue to drop off and collect. The road is very quiet.